What are the available Ambien dosage and strengths?

Ambien dosages and strengthsAmbien is the best medication for the treatment of sleep disorders especially insomnia. There are two dosage strengths available for Ambien medication such as 5mg and 10mg. We are going to explain you on how this drug is prescribed to people depending upon the intensity of insomnia.

Ambien 5mg: Why it is recommended as a best Ambien dosage for women?

Ambien 5mg is a medicine to treat insomnia mainly it’s prescribed for women. Some women might find it very hard to get sleep whereas there are others who can achieve sleep but could not maintain it for a period of seven to eight hours. In this case, Ambien 5mg would be instructed by the healthcare professional.

No matter what is the severity of the condition that women suffer from the lowest dosage of Ambien would be prescribed. The doctor might instruct them to take either this level or lower than that.

There is a major reason why women patients are instructed only with the lowest dose even though the intensity varies. This is because women have very less metabolism rate.

When there is lower metabolism rate then it would take so much time for the drug to be absorbed in the body. So, even when the lower strength of the drug is taken it would still be in their body until morning.

For instance, a woman with insomnia takes Ambien 5mg dose at night and sleeps for a period of seven to eight hours. The next day morning she would still feel sleepy. In this situation, she is not allowed to drive vehicle or handle any heavy machinery as it can cause accidents. Just imagine if she is prescribed with the larger dose. Here, this would actually cause so many issues in her body.

Ambien 10mg: Why it is recommended as a best Ambien dosage for men?

Ambien 10mg is the highest dosage of Ambien also it does the same like 5mg but it prescribed more for men. The reason is men have a higher metabolism rate than women. So, they are actually instructed with both of the dosage strengths. They can take medication only after getting the medical advice.

Even in men, there are few who have lesser metabolism rate. It is true that not every person would be similar. In this condition, the doctor would be the right person to pick Ambien dosage chart for your course of therapy.

It is a must that you have to take only the right dosage for your treatment. If the intensity of insomnia is severe and you take lower dosage then it would not be enough. In a similar manner, if you take higher doses than you actually require then you might also experience serious issues.

The reports also state that even men who take this sleep-inducing medication feel sleepy and dizzy the next morning. In fact, they are also not supposed to indulge in any activities that require excessive alertness.

Zolpidem dose change during the treatment

A doctor might instruct you with the lowest dose in the initial stage. This is to check on how you would react to the medication. If you are going to achieve good sleep for a period of eight hours then they would tell you to continue the same dosage strength of your treatment.

But if you find that you are able to achieve sleep and the drug dose is not sufficient enough to maintain the sleep throughout the night then the medico would increase your dose some time the will increase it to the Ambien maximum dosage.

Yes, you read it right. There are also chances that the physician would alter the Zolpidem dose. Not only increasing the dose, the medico would also lessen the drug dosage strength if the patient is experiencing a lot of ill effects in them.

You can easily buy Ambien in nowadays because it’s available in a lot of online stores. This makes your purchase to the next level. Easily you can order and get this medication from your home within few minutes.

So, you have to be flexible but take the tablets only as per the instruction of your healthcare professional.