Recommended dosage of Zolpidem for Women

The recommended dosage strength of Zolpidem for women is 5mg, though there are two different doses available for this medication such as 5mg and 10mg. Only the lowest dose is prescribed for the usage of women and there is a strong reason behind it. Many women violate this and take the higher dose. In this blog, we are going to tell why it is important that you are not supposed to violate it and why to take the prescribed dose alone.

Metabolism rate matters

This sleep inducing medication would have different metabolism rate for both men and women. This means that women have a slower metabolism rate whereas it is high for men. Due to the higher rate, the Zolpidem drug would stay in the body for a longer period. In case, a woman takes 10mg dose then they would feel sleepy even in the next morning.

Zolpidem was earlier given to women with higher doses until the researchers found out this. Now, they have decreased the dose to 5mg.

Do women feel drowsiness with 5mg Zolpidem dose?

Zolpidem 5mg for womenYes, women might feel drowsiness even while taking 5mg Zolpidem dose. The effectiveness that a woman gets from the medication is also very high compared to men. This just means that they would get the effects for a longer period of time.

This is why people who are taking Zolpidem should refrain from activities that involve alertness like driving and handling machinery.  This is the rule for both men and women as it is very risky for them to do such activities.

Is there any possibility for a doctor to instruct a woman to take 10mg dose?

There is less possibility for a health care professional to prescribe 10mg Zolpidem dosage strength for women. This is because the lesser dose is more than enough for them to get in to sleep and also to maintain it.

However, many of the women are very much eager to take the higher doses. Taking it would increase the possibility of side effects in the body.

Can you take 10mg Zolpidem at divided doses in a day?

Zolpidem 10mg for womenThis is a sleep inducing medication and has to be taken only when it is required for you to sleep. Taking 10mg of Ambien at divided doses in a day would put you to sleep for the whole day and this is unnecessary.

It is also essential that you have to take the right dose of Zolpidem and go to the bed immediately. After taking a tablet, it is very much important that you need to sleep for a period of seven to eight hours. People who cannot afford this duration should not take the pill.